Btrfs Performance Analysis

Machine Details

We are running tests on two different systems. The first uses a large, fiber-attached array of disks, and the second uses only internal disks.

RAID System

Single-Disk System

Benchmark Details

Currently, all the tests are done using the Flexible FileSystem Benchmark (FFSB). Each run of the benchmark requires a profile, which describes the initial state of the filesystem (number and size of files and directories) and the desired mix of operations to perform during the test. It also specifies the time length of the test, the number of threads to use when running the test, and other parameters.

We have currently defined five profiles with the following characteristics. On the RAID system, each profile is run with 1, 16, and 128 threads. On the single-disk system, each profile is run with 1, 8, and 32 threads. All tests run for 300 seconds.

Test Output

Each individual FFSB test (and the automation framework in which it runs) produces a directory tree with a variety of output files.

Here is one example.

Test Results